Sunday, May 3, 2009

Moon Trailer

Moon is a science fiction movie about an astronaut (Sam Rockwell) who starts cracking up after 3 years spent alone on the lunar surface, his only companion a talking robot, oddly voiced by Kevin Spacey. It played at Sundance and the Tribeca film festival, where it got a lot of attention for being a throwback to classic science fiction films like Solaris and Silent Running, and many have already predicted that it will find a cult following. Sam Rockwell is definitely hit or miss as an actor, but this one does look pretty interesting, and it's already been picked up and is set to release in June. The big draw for me? The film's director, Duncan Jones, is the son of none other than famed musician David Bowie. Apparently he shares his father's fascination with outer space.

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GoochCamper said...

It also sounds like Robinson Crusoe On Mars, where his only companion is a monkey!