Sunday, September 28, 2008

One Against Many

From Chan-wook Park's Oldboy. One of the most viscerally cool fight scenes in recent memory, and about the only reason you need to seek out the film if you haven't seen it.


GoochCamper said...

I've looked this up before and I love this scene and I still don't know how they stuck that shit into his back so well.

But isn't there something in the voiceover before all of this fighting when he questions whether or not his training for so many years would prevail in this situation?

and doesn't that v/o become ironic later?

If I'm right then I was always bummed that that v/o was left out of the youtube clips because it doesn't make the scene so out and out a violent rampage by the guy.

Could be wrong. Please correct me.

Evan said...

No, you're right. He says something like "could years of imaginary training be enough?" right before one of the fights, and then afterward he says "yes, it can." At another point he says the same thing before trying to make a pass at that girl and then says "no, it can't."

I would post the longer version, but this version is the best quality and it's still in widescreen.

Did you know Park turned down a chance to direct an Evil Dead remake? Says so on IMDB, anyway.